Where to Buy Gaming Hardware!


There is no playing video games without the hardware that makes up the video game consoles and personal computers. Each part has a significant role in making the gaming experience possible. Even if just one part is missing in the picture, the entire thing won’t function, which is why it’s important to know where to find them.

However, finding them isn’t actually the hardest part. It’s deciding which parts from what store to buy. There are many gaming hardware stores that sell different kinds of parts. But in truth, only some sell quality ones that are worth buying. It would be futile to buy a part that won’t work, or even worse, destroy the game console or computer altogether. One has to carefully consider where they will buy gaming hardware.

Gaming Hardware come in all shapes and sizes. Even if the customer knows next to nothing about the technicalities of each part, they still have to be aware of what parts are necessary. Here is a quick list of what gaming hardware one needs to purchase:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • SSD
  • Headset
  • Controller
  • Monitor
  • Webcam

Now that each part has been mentioned, it is time to determine which parts should be bought at which stores.

Online stores are the rage nowadays because of its convenience. It is true that ordering at home is much less of a hassle compared to having to go to an actual store. However, it is much better to visit these gaming hardware shops because there are skilled experts there that will help one decide which product is best to buy. But if there really is no other option, then online stores it is.

Aside from convenience, buying hardware online gives a lot more options. These options are then easily compared because everything is pretty much online now and comparing prices and features is a lot easier than having to visit from store to store. Some stores that are worth checking out are the following:

  • Benstore.com
    Benstore.com is an excellent online store that sells a variety of quality products. Not only do they sell finished products such as laptops and personal computers, they also sell gaming hardware that one can use to make their own or to replace an old one. They showcase the latest products out in the market and they even put specifications and features for easier comparison with other products from other websites.


Another online store that has been around for as long as one can remember after the emergence of technology, Bestbuy.com really does live up to its name. Since it is a store that specializes in gadgets, all of the products that they list have excellent reviews. From speakers to headsets to even laptop backpacks, Best Buy has it all. And to think that the actual Best Buy store branch receives a lot of customers despite their online presence means that the customers value the opinions of the experts stationed there. Any concerns regarding their products will be answered extensively so that it will be a guaranteed purchase.

Written By: Dusty Montiel

Hardcore gamer by night, Pest Control Operator by day for One Two Tree Inc. in Miami, FL.