Where to Buy Gaming Hardware!


There is no playing video games without the hardware that makes up the video game consoles and personal computers. Each part has a significant role in making the gaming experience possible. Even if just one part is missing in the picture, the entire thing won’t function, which is why it’s important to know where to find them.

However, finding them isn’t actually the hardest part. It’s deciding which parts from what store to buy. There are many gaming hardware stores that sell different kinds of parts. But in truth, only some sell quality ones that are worth buying. It would be futile to buy a part that won’t work, or even worse, destroy the game console or computer altogether. One has to carefully consider where they will buy gaming hardware.

Gaming Hardware come in all shapes and sizes. Even if the customer knows next to nothing about the technicalities of each part, they still have to be aware of what parts are necessary. Here is a quick list of what gaming hardware one needs to purchase:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • SSD
  • Headset
  • Controller
  • Monitor
  • Webcam

Now that each part has been mentioned, it is time to determine which parts should be bought at which stores.

Online stores are the rage nowadays because of its convenience. It is true that ordering at home is much less of a hassle compared to having to go to an actual store. However, it is much better to visit these gaming hardware shops because there are skilled experts there that will help one decide which product is best to buy. But if there really is no other option, then online stores it is.

Aside from convenience, buying hardware online gives a lot more options. These options are then easily compared because everything is pretty much online now and comparing prices and features is a lot easier than having to visit from store to store. Some stores that are worth checking out are the following:

  • Benstore.com
    Benstore.com is an excellent online store that sells a variety of quality products. Not only do they sell finished products such as laptops and personal computers, they also sell gaming hardware that one can use to make their own or to replace an old one. They showcase the latest products out in the market and they even put specifications and features for easier comparison with other products from other websites.


Another online store that has been around for as long as one can remember after the emergence of technology, Bestbuy.com really does live up to its name. Since it is a store that specializes in gadgets, all of the products that they list have excellent reviews. From speakers to headsets to even laptop backpacks, Best Buy has it all. And to think that the actual Best Buy store branch receives a lot of customers despite their online presence means that the customers value the opinions of the experts stationed there. Any concerns regarding their products will be answered extensively so that it will be a guaranteed purchase.

Written By: Dusty Montiel

Hardcore gamer by night, Pest Control Operator by day for One Two Tree Inc. in Miami, FL.

How Digital Learning Change Schools and Education


With the advent of the 21st century education, numerous modification have been put together to make teaching and schooling easy and fun. More learners are becoming aware of the advancement of technologies made in the field of education. Gone are the days where the use of traditional instructional materials like manila papers, chalk and board are the everyday company of teachers. Nowadays, digital learning technologies are ubiquitous where every single thing that one can see involved the use of these much coveted equipments. Multiple benefits of digital learning to students and teachers give impact to the betterment of society.

One of the advantages of learning facilitated by technology often is students learn more efficiently. Learners will not anymore waste time and effort in going to the library to search for answers in their research and assignments. As this is just a waste of time to the students hectic schedule. Another advantage is learners fully learn with the use of these technologies. When you browse the internet, many windows will open for you to learn cutting-edge information. Students can have fuller understanding of the ideas presented because the explanation is in the web already. This leads to the mastery of the students to learn at her own pace and time. When the learners has enough time to study one can just review the material and when he is done, he can just move on to the next topic. With this, one can say that, with the use of digital learning, one can study anywhere and anytime. An individual will not be confined in the four walls of the classroom to learn. It gives freedom on the part of the student to pursue higher form of education by attending in an online class instead of travelling abroad where it is rather expensive.

Digital learning technologies not only help students and learners, they also give assistance to teachers. Using these materials will make the teachers’ life free from strenuous activities. Instead of using the paper and pen in recording and computing for the scores, teachers use e-class records for easier computation and avoiding mistakes when evaluating. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter in teaching, is one way of reaching huge number of students via online. Teachers can disseminate the information quickly without going to school. When disasters like typhoon, earthquakes and others, strike in a community, students can still attend to their academic class by attending the online class facilitated by the teacher. Students will not worry anymore if they missed a formal class due to the occurence of natural disaster. Teachers who uses this kind of technology, bridge the cultural gaps between regions. Thereby creating and fostering friendship between students and teachers of other nationalities. By teaching foreigners, one will have richer teaching experiences. When using this technology, teachers can create and improve lessons and modules thereby enhancing the previous one instigated by the author.

With these benefits and advantages, I am excited on the consequences it brings to the now and future learners. I also know that there are still improvements to be done by the experts in the technological department so that teaching and educating the youth will be easy and continuous process.



Technology has greatly reshaped the way people do business now. Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to online business transactions.

As e-commerce regularly develops, the unfolding of various innovative technologies is also happening within its industry.

Here is our list of latest technological innovations on e-commerce transactions:

  • Virtual reality technology
    Yes, you’ve read it right, virtual reality is slowly creeping its way to e-commerce now. This technology is not just a sure hit in the entertainment industry. Some e-commerce platforms are now also using it to provide a much better instore experience to online shoppers.

    This technology uses common VR equipment (headset or google) that lets the customers view the product from every angle. With the integration of high-quality application development, businesses from different niche can use this equipment to fully engage their customers in a 3D shopping experience.

    For instance, a clothing store can present a creative virtual dressing room to their online buyers, while giving them a chance to try on the item in different colors and variations. A home décor retailer can help their customers select the perfect décor for their homes by presenting them an interactive application that helps them virtually project the designs and styles they want.

  • Drone delivery

    Although government airspace regulations have yet to be constituted in some of the parts of the world, some major e-commerce site like Amazon is now using a drone delivery system. This is one of the most ingenious technological inventions perfect for the e-commerce industry.

    It allows for quick repeat business transactions boosting a substantial growth in sales. Drone delivery takes fast shipping method to the next level.

  • Social networking sites

    With the great increase of interactions happening online today through social networking sites, it is the perfect environment for product marketing. From advertisements to products reviews, social media have been a huge factor in successful e-commerce promotions.

    Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are a great avenue for setting up brand recognition through a tactical marketing campaign.

  • Mobile applications

    The development of many mobile applications for selling has largely impacted e-commerce’s growth. The ubiquity of smartphones today gives potential buyers a handy avenue to monitor online promotional sales and discounts.

    Smartphones and other digital devices make a round-the-clock interaction between sellers and buyers online possible. With interactions like this, customer satisfaction is high thus allowing good income for every e-commerce entrepreneur.

  • Digital currency

    TDigital currency is a currency that functions just like physical money in the online world. It allows immediate and effortless electronic payment without the hassle of doing banking transactions every time customers make a purchase.

    There are a lot of online companies providing digital currency solutions now. They are boasting digital security channels that will favor both retailers and consumers.

Most of these technological innovations are immature as of this moment, meaning they are not yet rampantly used worldwide. However, as e-commerce booms so are the need for technological advancement so, these technologies will soon grow more popularity.

Why switch to the Cyber Market?


Out of the 10 people you’ll see this day, 5 of them would be looking down on their phones. Whenever you’re in cafe’s, you’ll see more people looking at their laptops and smartphones than those talking with their friends. Technology today has taken an irreplaceable spot in people’s lives. The so called cyber dependency is currently taking root in the daily life of people, young and old. This led the markets in the world to take a lucrative look at technology especially cyber technology.

The current economy have placed a large bet on the machinery of cyber – technology to promote products, provide market information and even the spreading of its influence in the world. The rise of the online shopping and cyber market trend has given proof to this.

Information Explosion

I’ve heard from one of my friends that, “if you can’t find it on Google, you won’t find it anywhere else.” The internet is like a giant portfolio of information ranging from marketing, to games, to videos to personal information. Many companies today even resort to what we call, “internet search” which is sort of a background check for people applying in their firms in the internet, information is everything!

The Internet

The Not So New Marketing Frontier

Because instant information is now in the hands of people a rise of consumerism is expected. People would buy more, if they see more people would be more engaged if they have more options, and can do it effortlessly. Who would want to walk for hours around the mall trying to find the best cellphone, jeans or that guitar you’ve always wanted, when that information can be accessed by your fingertips?

That’s why, online marketing giants like EBay and Lazada wins the online marketing game. They have grasped the essentials of the online marketing gig through giving an ease of accessibility and giving a wide range of options to consumers.

Speaking of marketing, who wouldn’t notice the great surge of advertisements in the internet today? Most websites today, indie or mainstream depend a great deal on advertisements. Click baits have also been an important player on these advertisements providing a lot of clicks and hits for websites.

Most people get annoyed while watching a YouTube video and suddenly be distracted by an advertisement about a milk brand you don’t care about, asking if “may Ritemed ba dito?”, or how to beat energy gap by drinking whatever. However, all advertisements must meet a certain criteria to be viral REPITION. The internet hits this target hard!

So, why choose cyber marketing? To be trendy? The originally desolate land of cyberspace is now teeming with people looking for opportunities, some had grasped it within their hands and is now growing on a titanic degree. Everyone has this “chance” to turn something into something great. The internet contains these opportunities for you to grab, to promote your business and to spread your influence on a global level. Do not miss your turn!